Martial Arts Podcasts

The whistlekick team brings you the best martial arts podcasts out there in one convenient place.

What is Martial Arts Podcasts

First of All, The Vision

Establishing a large and well-maintained community is a necessity in not just the survival, but also the progress of any field. It is basic human instinct to find some place where they belong. It’s the same in the martial arts community. This is the reason we created the Martial Arts Podcasts website.

The whistlekick team believes that for our industry to grow, there should be room to grow. The Martial Arts Podcasts website is exactly that. We have created the ultimate melting pot or gathering place for all the best kungfu podcasts, taekwondo podcasts, karate podcasts, and other martial arts related podcasts out there. This new platform should hopefully bring together people who have similar interests and passion in martial arts. This is a place for people who love martial arts podcasts to see what’s available, what’s new, and to hopefully create some crossover and new listeners for the featured shows.


You might be wondering why we’re doing this. You don’t see other businesses showcasing “rival” companies. However, our business model here at whistlekick is different. We think that if the industry grows, we grow. This website is our attempt to contribute to the community. We don’t think of the other martial arts podcasts as competitors. After all, all of us have the same goal. And that’s to make traditional martial arts grow bigger. There are a lot of martial arts communities out there that we think should have more exposure. On the flip side, there are also people out there that are just waiting to be exposed to the community’s contents. The Martial Arts Podcasts website is the culmination of that. We are making a destination for listeners and creators alike. And we are hoping that even indirectly, this effort also brings some good to our brand.

Then, The Website

Now let’s go to the specifics of the website. First of all, during the websites creation, we prioritized user interaction. We made sure that the site is easy to navigate and use. The user registration function is paired with the “favorite” function. This enables the user to add the podcasts they love to their favorites. Then later, they can access their favorite list in their account. Furthermore, we also included an Explore a Random Show button for those who wants to discover new podcasts.

Of course, we also made room for the expansion of our podcast lineup. We added a registration form for content creators to include their martial arts podcasts in our roster. We want this community to grow infinitely.