whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Martial Arts Radio is devoted to the traditional martial arts in all forms. While our Monday shows are interview based, our Thursday shows are shorter and focus on a topic. Sometimes it’s a profile of a movie or a martial arts actor like Bruce Lee.

We dig into what makes these martial artists tick, their history and experience… and tell some great stories in the process. The Martial Arts Radio podcast is all about bringing martial artists together and learning from one another. Check it out here.


The Iain Abernethy Podcast

Iain Abernethy has been involved in the martial arts since childhood. Iain holds the rank of 7th Dan with the British Combat Association (one of the world’s leading groups for close-quarter combat, self-protection and practical martial arts), the British Combat Karate Association, and the English Karate Federation.

Iain’s podcast cover all things martial arts, from teaching to application. Check it out here.


Martial Thoughts: A Martial Arts Podcast

The Martial Thoughts Podcast was created by J Wilson who has been studying martial arts since 1995. He is a practitioner of Chendokan Aikido and Sogetsu Kenjutsu, and is currently studying Nami ryu Aiki Heiho . His podcast covers, to quote the slogan, “random thoughts and ideas presented on martial arts.” Check it out here.



Fight For a Happy Life

The Fight for a Happy Life podcast was Sensei Ando Mierzwa’s brainchild. He trained in BJJ, Aikido, and Shotokan Karate, but prefers to just be called “martial artist” as he doesn’t care about styles. He cares about improving through himself through martial arts. Sensei Ando’s podcast explores how to live a life of health and happiness by applying martial arts wisdom to every aspect of life. Check it out here.


KungFu Podcasts

“The Culture, Adventure, and Impact of Martial Arts,” as TW Smith’s KungFu Podcasts declare. This slogan summarizes basically everything that is covered with each episode. It includes historical and practical insights on martial arts as a whole, and even includes more obscure topics in the field such as legends and stories. Check it out here.


The Martial Brain

My podcast consists of the “brain drippings” of a NERD that has practiced the martial arts for 47 years and taught them for 43. They weave in and out of a variety of subjects, from granular martial arts “how-to” essays, to the intersection between the martial arts and other fields like philosophy, science, skepticism, language, and history; and with occasional lame attempts at humor! I especially like poking rhetorical pins into misconceptions about the martial arts. Check it out here.

The English Martial Arts Podcast Show

This is the English Martial Arts Podcast show where we talk about the Weapons and Unarmed arts contained within the English system. Check it out here.